A Proud Supporter of Our Nation's Veterans
A Proud Supporter of Our Nation's Veterans

Mentoring Our Youth

Part I: You Point We Paint's Youth Mentorship Program


This program is designed to expand educational and career development opportunities for youth and young adults.


Our goal is to enable young people to make successful transitions to adulthood and become vital contributors to their communities. Our Youth Mentorship Program is geared towards serving those who are at risk of not completing high school, in high school or graduated. Entering post secondary education or training program or at risk teens who were formally incarcerated.


The program provides a way to bridge the gaps and break the cycle that lead to poverty and despair. This partnership-building network assists communities in accessing all of their resources to help at-risk youth and young men, provides an opportunity for employers, individuals and young people to help this population succeed. It is the grass roots involvement that makes this a movement rather than
simply a new program.


Foundations and businesses are critical contributors that play key roles in motivating the entire community to take responsibility for young people’s success. Their participation makes it possible to have expanded services and capacity.


Objective: The objective of this program is to provide those who are entering the work force with a detailed orientation of the job seeking process. Participants of the program will be taught how to create their own professional resume, conduct themselves in a professional manner, develop proper work ethics, schedule and attend interview for perspective job opportunities. The course is taught over a 6-week period (two hours every Saturday for 6 consecutive weeks). The Program is taught by Harold
Swann who has over 20 years of experience in the Human Service Field, especially in providing those in need of vocational and employment services. Mr. Swann has also been in the business of painting for over 10 years as well.


Topics to cover:

  1. Picking a field of interest
  2. Creating a resume
  3. Filling out job applications
  4. Gathering a list of references
  5. Job Search
  6. Job Do’s and Don’ts: Work Ethics/ Professional behavior/ On-the-job problem solving
  7. Job interview tips
  8. Mock Interviews
  9. Dressing for Success


Benefit: The Participants will have a better concept of what they need to do in order to make them more marketable in this challenging time of seeking employment.


After completing the course each individual we receive a Certificate of Completion. The Road to employment will assist the participants with obtaining gainful employment for up to 3 months starting after they complete the course.


Part II:  Painter's Mentorship Program


Objective: This curriculum allows for those entering the work force to acquire adequate skills in basic interior painting. Participants of the curriculum will learn skills through classroom instruction and hands-on experience with interior painting. The curriculum is taught over ten weeks (two hours for 10 consecutive Saturdays) by Harold Swann, CEO/Foreman of You Point, We Paint and his experienced associates.


Topics to cover:

  1. Introduction to Painting Instruments: In this section, participants will be introduced to the instruments needed for painting such as different types of brushes, different types of paint, other painting supplies such as painter’s tape, rollers, pans, drop clothes, determining how much paint is needed for a given area, etc.
  2. Work Safety: Proper attire, proper use of ladders and other painting tools, How to store paint, Accident prevention
  3. Wall-Priming
  4. Taping: In this section, participants will be taught through one-on-one instruction in how to create clean painting lines, and make sure that all paint edges are neat. Participants will also be taught how to create wall designs using painting tape, and how to remove the tape after painting to ensure that paint is not removed with the tape.
  5. Applying paint: Participants will be advised on how many coats a particular surface may require. Participants will be instructed on how to paint different textures walls. Participant will be directed on how to apply paint evenly to a surface
  6. Custom Painting
  7. Work Clean up: Removing all paint, ensure that surface is coated evenly, ensure that work area is clear, clearly mark when paint is still wet, and follow up to ensur that all peeling, unevenness is addressed


Benefit: In completing this curriculum, participants will have acquired marketable interior painting skills that would also introduce them to providing satisfactory customer service, proper work ethics, and obtaining employment in the field of maintenance and custodial work. Participants will also be able to use curriculum instructors as references for perspective employers well as include the curriculum on their resume as an acquired vocational skill. Participant’s will received a certificate of
completion on the last day of the program.



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